Monday, July 7, 2014

Wandering Around Victoria Park in Causeway Bay

Victoria Park is another great landmark of Hong Kong.  A lot of important things happen here!

On most days, it's a great place to take a walk through and have a picnic.  I thought I would snap a few shots of what Victoria Park looked like this well as give a mini tour.

How To Get There:
1.  From Causeway Bay MTR Exit E, you'll notice you are on Great George Street
2.  Look left and you should see Victoria Park
3.  Walk left towards the park and you're there (1 - 2 minute walk)

I think it was pigeon mating season.  I saw a few prospective couples doing their special dances.

You can see the Hong Kong Central Library looming over the courts.

A huge green lawn sits at the heart of Victoria Park.

There is a really great jogging track that runs around the great lawn.

Here is the Tin Hau section of Victoria Park, which sits between Causeway Bay and Tin Hau districts.

There are tennis courts right in front of the swimming pool.

There are a lot of benches to sit and sun bathe on.

There is a children's play area, which isn't really busy now because it's so hot out.

Here is the entrance to the topiary garden area.

There are the most beautiful birds lurking around this park!

These are the stairs that lead down to the palm tree grove.

My favorite area is the motor boat pond, where people launch and sail their miniature boats.  I've seen some pretty awesome homemade pirate ships in my day.

There is also a refreshment kiosk in the park to load up on snacks or sodas.

And that's about it.

This is Victoria Park on an average day.  This park is also the central location for many of Hong Kong's festivals and events.