Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lantau Holiday: Waterfalls, Caves, Olympic Trail

I've been to Mui Wo dozens of times, but this was the first time that I spotted this wonderful sign, which advertised the Beijing 2008 Olympic Trail.  Because we spent a few days over in Mui Wo, my husband and I grasped the chance to check out a few famous spots around the area:

1.  The Hong Kong Olympic Trail
2.  The Mui Wo Man Mo Temple
3.  The Silvermine Waterfall
4.  The Silvermine Cave

Getting around is pretty easy, as there are signs directing you to all the hot spots.

Further into the villages, the signs become more rustic, but still aiding in direction giving.

The beginning of the Olympic Trail was quite tranquil and scenic.  It ran along a beautiful area of greenery and streams.

Further along the trail, towards the hillside, we came across a few abandoned relics, as you do on Lantau.

About 29 minutes into our "hike" (it's a comfortable little walk from the town center), you'll be able to hear the waterfalls on your right.  There is a little gazebo marking the spot, though.

About a 5 - 10 minute walk (uphill) is the Silvermine Cave.  It isn't much to see, but you can read a little bit of the history behind this cave on the plaque that stands in front of it.  The view, on the other hand, front he cave is spectacular (pictured below).

The view in front of the cave! 

We didn't walk the entire Olympic Trail, but we did go as far as the Silvermine Cave.  It was a good little trek through some villages, and into the hills of Mui Wo.

 This is definitely another great semi-urban hike!