Friday, April 10, 2015

Egg Tarts

The first thing I did when we got back to Hong Kong (outing-wise) was head out to get myself a Hong Kong egg tart.  Well, it wasn't that instant, nor was it the goal of the day, but it was something that I thought would be a good way to delve back into living in this city.

Fun Fact:  Back in Hawaii, we called them little custard tarts.  Since living in Hong Kong, I've started calling them egg tarts.  They used to be my favorite thing to order at dim sum, but now I can eat them all day, every day, which sort of diminished the rarity of them for me.

Since my husband and I were down in Kowloon City, we headed over to the Hoover Cake Shop for one of their famous egg tarts. 

The Hoover Cake Shop can be found on one of the corners of the Nga Tsin Wai Road and Fuk Lo Tsun Road intersection (photo of the intersection and road signs below for reference).

Hoover Cake Shop is pretty easy to find because there is a line of people there most times…

How To Get There:
1.  From Lok Fu MTR Exit B, make your way to Junction Road

2.  When you hit Junction Road, turn left and walk along it until you hit Nga Tsin Wai Road

3.  Turn left onto Nga Tsin Wai Road until you hit Fuk Lo Tsun Road

4.  Hoover Cake shop will be at that intersection!

Hoover Cake Shop Address:
136 Nga Tsin Wai Road
Kowloon City

SUGGESTION:  Take a taxi if you are not good with far walks.  It is quite a far walk from the Lok Fu MTR.  I'm gonna say that it maybe more than 15 minutes from the MTR station.

The times that we've been here, there has been a short line (maybe a 5 minute wait).  But, there is a window of all the pastries and sweets that the shop provides that you can look at while waiting.

Fun Fact:  There are a lot of eateries all over this city that boast they are number one at something.  You'll see posters/badges on these shop windows…especially if they were awarded Michelin stars!  Hoover Caken Shop has this poster (featured below) that shows you what their number one product is!!!  It's actually quite fun to have high expectations of something so small!

There is nothing more satisfying than to snack on a sweet during the mid-afternoon.  This is probably one of my Hong Kong comfort foods.

Today was a good day!