Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Seattle: Beaches around the Sound

My last few days in Seattle have been pretty much roaming the beaches, looking out onto Puget Sound, and just breathing in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  The weather has been so good to me on this trip.  And the past few weeks have been so amazingly relaxing.  I was able to rekindle some friendships, explore my own city like a tourist, visit old haunts, try new restaurants, catch up on some really awesome shows (Real Housewives, holler!) and chill out with the family.  


Back to the beaches…

There is some sort of dreamy feeling that overcomes me when standing on the beaches down by the Puget Sound.  Can you imagine Dr. McDreamy contemplating life on one of the Washington State Ferries as he gets off from one of his long shifts at Grace Mercy West? 

1.  I love how some beaches along the Sound have little trails that head from the parking lot down to the beach.  It's a great way to get in some exercise and also sightseeing.

2.  I love how the beaches look just as beautiful on a sunny day as they do on an overcast day.  You can't see it, but Mt. Rainier should be sort of off to the left of the marina in the photo below.

3.  I love combing the beaches for interesting and wonderful things!  I could spend hours just sitting and enjoying the view…then making my way slowly across the beach in search of some sea shells.

(Did anyone notice my finger in the frame?)
4.  I love scouting for rocks to make rock towers and also finding some rock towers on the beaches.

5.  I love how people try to fly fish on the Sound.  We actually watched one of the fly fishers to see if he was catching anything.  He actually was quite the chatty cathy because he told us everything there was to know about fly fishing on the Sound.  Useful information for my future encounters with other fly fishermen.

6.  I love how every inch of Washington smells like pine (NOTE:  Statement was hyperbolized!).  I was actually in the parking lot when I cracked open the door to the fragrance of pine trees.  It was a bittersweet sort of feeling because this was actually my last day in Seattle…but the smell was so incredibly lovely!

7.  I love how seagulls are everywhere.  When I see them, I always think of home.

8.  I love how the ducks are flying back for the summer.  We saw three flocks flying in formation this past week alone.