Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Seattle: Green River Trail

On this trip back to Seattle, I've blogged about two rollerblading trails:
2.  Alki

I have another great rollerblading trail to share with anyone who is interested in an interurban kind of trail.  The trail is described as interurban because it basically runs through an urban area, which is the Tukwila area south of Seattle.

The Green River Trail runs about 19 miles and stretches from Seattle's Cecil Moses Park to Kent's North Green River Park.  The section of the trail that we bladed along was down in Tukwila along the Duwamish Waterway.  

NOTE:  We parked in the Southcenter Costco Parking Lot and bladed a few miles down and back. 

Most of the trail is paved and quite smooth.  No complaints from my husband or myself.  There are a few dips in the road and also a railway track that we had to hop over…but the majority of the trail was really beautiful.  It's a good trail for beginning rollerbladers.

This section of the Green River Trail took us along the waterway, where we passed office complexes, parking lots, a duck pond, a bunch of industrial area, and a few mini parks.  It also had a few benches along the way so, if need be, we could sit and take a rest.

Though this might not be to everyone's taste, it's a nice change of pace from rollerblading along a beautiful beach or a lovely forest!