Monday, April 20, 2015

The Little Fat Sheep

Usually, we eat hot pot in the winter.

And it isn't winter anymore.

But, we still opted to eat hot pot.

The reason being, we were in Mong Kok last night.  And, usually, there is a long wait for any restaurant in Mong Kok because it is such hot spot for night life in Hong Kong.  We thought that we might get seats more easily if we ate at a hot pot place!

I mean, who would eat hot pot this time of year?

Actually, quite a bit of people would eat hot pot this time of year…ESPECIALLY at The Little Fat Sheep.

How the Little Fat Sheep works:
This place is an all-you-can-eat type of joint, but drinks cost extra.

1.  You order which hot pot soup set you like

2.  You order a much food as you like (from veggies to meats, to whatever else)

NOTE:  This is the time to be experimental in your eating ways.  There are a bunch of boxes that you can just "check off" to try.  Every dish will be a surprise.  And you can be adventurous without meaning to be!  Everything WITHOUT a price is included in the hot pot set that you originally paid for.  Everything WITH a price (like the drinks that the stuff at the bottom of this menu) will cost extra onto of your original all-you-can-eat price.

We opted for the yin yang pot, where one side is spicy and the other is not.  It's a great options for when you are in a group and some people don't like spicy…but others do.  It's also a great option for when your tongue can't tolerate spice and you need to take a break and eat non-spicy things for awhile!

***Some things available on the menu***

We went by rounds.  So, ROUND ONE, we got a few meats and a few veggies.

ROUND TWO, we got some old favorites from ROUND ONE and some new things to try.

By ROUND THREE, we were all just so focused on food that I didn't have the opportunity to remember to take photos anymore.

Lasting Impressions:
I love this place!

love how it is an all-you-can-eat place.

love how there is so much variety on the menu.

love how everything comes in sample sizes so that you don't get full immediately.

love how the veggies and meats are so fresh.

love how I can sample so many things.

love the environment, which is great for dinner with friends.

love how everyone here is just happy-go-lucky and enjoying hot pot.

love the staff and how they are equally as happy-go-lucky.

I really loved this place and TOTALLY RECOMMEND AN EVENING at The Little Fat Sheep!