Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nam Sang Wai's Ghost House

The weather is quite nice, warm and sunny again.  I remember, around this time last year, it was raining torrential rains almost daily.  But, because the weather is so fine, we headed out to Nam Sang Wai to get some rollerblading in.

Besides a pretty nice scenic route of the wetlands that stretches a mile or so, Nam Sang Wai has a beautiful stretch of land that is popular for picnics and remote controlled flying objects.

There is also a huge area of tall grass that leads to one of the landmarks of the area.  My husband called it the Nam Sang Wai Ghost House.

It is an abandoned home out in the fields just behind the grassy area.

The feeling of the area takes me away from Hong Kong and into the midwest US.

I think it's the tall grass and the rolling clouds that make it seem less like the fast-paced Hong Kong.

When I first went out here a few years ago, the house didn't have the fence.  Teenagers would be climbing all over the house and taking photos in the doorways.

People still head out to the Ghost House, obviously, and leave their trash everywhere.

It is amazing how someone lived here, probably within the past few decades.  But so much of the house has fallen into ruins.

The Ghost House of Nam Sang Wai is truly a reminder of how much time changes things.

During the late Spring and Summer months, this place will be getting pretty busy with droves of tourists passing through.

I'm glad that I have the opportunity to be here when it's so quiet and peaceful.

This place is so beautiful that I hope it doesn't get excessively trashed up when I next visit.