Monday, June 9, 2014

Donating Furniture in Yuen Long

Upon moving into our current apartment, we had been gifted a bunch of furniture from the tenants before.  Over the years we were gifted furniture from friends who were moving and didn't want to give up their furniture.  Recently, my in-laws also bought new furniture and wanted to gift us with their older furniture.  Now that life has flown by, I just had the urge to Spring Clean a lot more than the usual mop of the floors.

For those of you who are looking to donate anything, the Chai Sin Club of Yuen Long is a great place!

Things they accept:

  • Clothing
  • Stationery
  • Books
  • Housewares
  • Furniture
  • Storage Units
  • Appliances
How to contact them:
Telephone -->  2708-2188
Email -->

The Chai Sin Club asks you to email them photos of what you want to donate.  The more details, the better!  They also ask for the dimensions of the furniture.  All donated items should be in pretty good condition.  They didn't accept our glass shelving, but they DID offer to recycle it!  Email and calling are the best ways to follow-up with them.

They are busy, so you will have to schedule a move in advance.  We were in a rush to Spring Clean, so they offered to pay half of the fee for hiring a moving van (They hired the moving van for us).  So, we paid for half of the moving van hiring fee.  Since they are located in Yuen Long, as are we, the fee was so reasonable!  And from the time we actually piled all of the unwanted things into our living room, until they came to pick it all up =  1 week.

Examples of the detailed images that the Chai Sin Club asked for:

This was a small glimpse into what left our apartment!  All of the measurements for the furniture was listed in my email to them. 

Showing people the stuff you have...a bit embarrassing!  But, I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of moving house or cleaning out things.  There are a lot of other places that take donations, which you can find online, but Chai Sin Club seemed to take everything in one go!  So, I highly recommend them!