Monday, June 16, 2014

Traveling Tuesday: Riding the HK Ferry

Today, we're traveling to Mui Wo by ferry!  The ferries are a great way to get to other islands around Hong Kong.  From Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), this blog's post begins.

The TST Star Ferry terminal is easy to maneuver:  Heading to Wan Chai or Central.

Like riding the bus or the MTR, you must pay the fair before entering the waiting area.

The times of the next ferries are always on display over the turnstiles.  The Star Ferry from TST to Central is pretty frequent.

I think getting from TST over to Central is a really fun thing to do with visiting friends and family.  Plus, once you've touched down at the Central Ferry Pier you have a great view of Kowloon Side.  So, while you are all in TST, you get the Hong Kong Island skyline.  Then when you reach Central (Hong Kong Side), you can take a photo of the Kowloon skyline.

The Central Ferry piers are run by a handful of different ferry companies, which run to:

Pier No. 2:  To Park Island
Pier No. 3:  To Discovery Bay
Pier No. 4:  To Lamma Island (Yung Shue Wan Side) and (Sok Kwu Wan Side)
Pier No. 5:  To Cheung Chau
Pier No. 6:  To Mui Wo and To Peng Chau
Pier No. 7:  To TST

I'm usually in Mui Wo visiting friends, but there are numerous things to do here:

1.  Swim at Silvermine Bay Beach
2.  Hike to the Silvermine Waterfalls
3.  Explore the area
4.  Explore the villages
5.  Try out the local eateries

The most exciting thing about our trip to Mui Wo was stumbling upon some local buffalo!  I love how they let us watch them for so long while they were eating.