Sunday, June 15, 2014

Over the Weekend: Art and Pandas

Over the weekend, we went down to Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) to check out the Panda Flash Mob.  There are 1600 paper-mache pandas currently going on a tour of Hong Kong!  The websites around town say the pandas are meant to "promote the city's creative industry by fostering an interactive, imaginative and sustainable environment where humans and nature coexist."  That sounds wonderful, eh. The pandas were created by French artist Paulo Grangeon.  

Their tour ends this weekend.  The Flash Mob was organized by the WWF Hong Kong and the schedule of the final three Flash Mobs (check below):

The grand thing about being able to see the Panda Flash Mob was to also see the "Heaven, Earth and Man" exhibit at the Cultural Center.  So, when you walk around the Cultural Center, you will be able to this quirky array of art.  The sculptures being showcased were created by three of Hong Kong's local artists:  Danny Lee Chin Fai, Kum Chi Keung and Rosanna Li Wei Han.  

We were also fortunate to view the last of the "Sculpting the Living World" exhibit!!!!

The "Heaven, Earth and Man" exhibit is free and is being showcased until the end of August.

If some of you missed the Panda Flash Mob, here are some photos!  It was crowded, as usual, but everyone was in such good spirits.  I liked the giddy feeling that everyone had.  Reminded me of when the Giant Yellow Rubber Ducky was in Victoria Harbour.

Word is, each paper-mache panda is going for 200 - 450 HKD.  All proceeds are going to the WWF.  I think it might be a wonderful thing to own!