Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Weekend: Hello Kitty Secret Garden Cafe

After waiting for over two hours, in the Hong Kong heat, we finally made it into the cafe of my childhood dreams!

I read in the South China Morning Post, last week, about the Hello Kitty Secret Garden Cafe opening up this past June.  The article said to expect a long wait.  Some people said the wait was four hours for them.  Knowing we would have to queue for AWHILE, we brought some water and our books to occupy our time.

Hello Kitty Secret Garden Cafe Info:
19 Ormsby Street
Tai Hang, Hong Kong
Tel. No. 2808 - 2868

How to get here:
1.  From Tin Hau MTR Station Exit B, look across the street and you should see a Wellcome supermarket
2.  Walk over to the Wellcome supermarket
3.  The road to the right of it should be Tung Lo Wan Road
4.  Walk up Tung Lo Wan Road for about 10 minutes
5.  When you see the intersecting Ormsby Street, turn left
6.  Walk for about 1 minute and you should see the cafe in front of you (on the left)

Though the wait was really long, the cafe staff brought us out little cups of water and peach tea.  The closer we got to being seated, we were able to sit down on benches and chars.  There was a moderately sized fan near the benches, which I was so grateful for.  We also got Hello Kitty Secret Garden Cafe paper fans to help cool us down.  

There was a good, simple selection of food and drink!

The food was all right.  I wasn't in the best of mindsets to judge because we were two hours past our lunch time...we were starving.  I just remember the salad really was refreshing, the burger was so savory, and the quiches were too salty for my tastebuds.  But, our meal definitely filled our bellies and our souls!
Mango and Pomelo Salad

Secret Garden Burger (Beef)

Salmon and Pumpkin Quiche

Fruit Cocktail

Ham and Cheese, with Vegetable Quiche

My last thoughts, I would love to go back with some of my girlfriends.  It makes a great afternoon tea spot.  My husband and I didn't order a dessert because we were too full, so, I have to sample a tart or cake my next time around.  But I might return after the summer...when the crowds and the heat die down.  

The wait was worth it!