Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Traveling Tuesday: Wetland Park

When it is hot, it is good to be in a place that is cool.

When there are a chance of thunderstorms, it is good to be in a place with shelter.

And...when there is beautiful weather, you also want to have the option to be outdoors.

Today, we headed over to the Wetland Park because it was close by and also a great place to spend the day.  There is a huge indoor complex where you can view the exhibits on the Hong Kong Wetlands, check out a pretty interesting exhibit on Human Civilizations, engage in the Interactive Learning activities, and also watch a documentary (ours was nearly an hour long) on birdlife (which probably changes periodically).

How to get there:
1.  From Tin Shui Wai MTR Station, go down to the Light Rail station (which is right below the MTR station)
2.  Find the 705 or 706 Circular Light Rain trains and hop on
3.  Get off at the Wetland Park Light Rail stop
4.  Once you get off, look for the signs that direct you across the street and along the Wetland Park parking lot, to get to the main entrance

If the weather is bad, you can view some of the wetland life from this viewing gallery.  Granted, nothing seemed to be out on this particular day...and I think it was because of the oncoming thunder.  So everyone and everything was taking shelter!

My folks and I actually headed out to the Wetland Reserve despite the thunderstorm warnings.  There are several paths you can take to different points of interest:  Succession Walk, Mangrove Boardwalk, etc.   Each path seemed to take us to a little shelter where we could birdwatch.  Besides viewing the wetland reserve, the grounds also host a Butterfly Garden and also an actual "Garden" area.  I put "Garden" in quotes because we saw taro patches, water lily patches, and the like.  I am not an expert on identifying plants, but I know a garden when I see a garden!

The Wetland Park is definitely a place to spend the entire day.  We spent over 4 hours there, but had to leave because we had other plans.  But, definitely an easy way to spend a week day!  For people who love birdwatching, this is a great place to photograph some beautiful birds and scenery.  There were some people out on the reserve with their massive lenses stationed (for what seemed like the day) out in the towers, which were dotted all around the reserve.  As of now, there doesn't seem to be a lot of people who are visiting the Wetland Park.  So, if you don't like massive crowds, check it out!!!

There is also a Cafe de Coral inside the complex...great for afternoon tea or a light snack.