Monday, June 30, 2014

Traveling Tuesday: Ma Wan Chung

Looking out at the Tung Chung Cable Cars sits a small fishing village called Ma Wan Chung.  The village still, partially, sits on stilts, like Tai O, which is due west of there.  It's quite quiet and remote, even though it sits so near the Yat Tung Estate of Tung Chung.

How to get to Ma Wan Chung:
1.  From Tung Chung MTR Exit B, hop on bus no. 38 (to the Yat Tung Estate)
2.  From there, walk towards the water

NOTE:  There are no clear directions.  My friend and I just GPSed it to the Ma Wan Chung Public Toilet.  We walked from Tung Chung MTR station instead of catching the bus.  On the walk, we passed the Tung Chung Battery, which made for a great photo session.  But, searching online, it seems like the easiest route would be to catch bus no. 38 to the Yat Tung Estate terminus and walk in the general direction of the seaside.

Ma Wan Chung Public Toilet area

The village is not a touristy village like Tai O.  There is a restaurant that sits on the pier, but this village is definitely on the path less traveled by.  It is a gem of a place to explore and glimpse into the lives of the local villagers.