Thursday, June 12, 2014

First Friday: Board Gaming

Playing as the sun romantic!

I'm not one for hosting board gaming sessions at my house, but, since my house is totally empty from Spring Cleaning, I thought it would be a good activity for a hot summer afternoon.  I bought some drinks, snacks, and turned up the a/c...

This was the FIRST board game session I held at my house this year.  I held one ONCE before in my life, but hadn't really thought about hosting another board game session until recently.

This was the FIRST time learning Carcassone, which I have fallen in love with.

And it was the FIRST time that I taught people how to play Dominion, Dixit, Blokus, and Agricola.  Thankfully, my friends were board gamers themselves, so they GOT IT.

Lastly, this session really inspired me to buy my FIRST board game from a friend who had created her own board game!  It's truly inspiring to see people you know produce such amazing things, like a board game.  [SIDE TRACK NOTE:  I just watched a video of my husband bungee jumping when he was younger.  It was amazing to hear his final words before his jump.  It was equally amazing to see how he looked around before he jumped.  I can't believe he jumped on his own free will.  If I had more guts, I think I might not be up to par with him on the Adventure Scale!)  Anyhow, the graphics are so cute (...I love cute things!).  I have only played it a few times, but have to figure out the strategy part of the game still.  The name of her game is Alley Thieves.  And I have the honor of being the 70th of 100 people to get it!  (I WONDER WHO No. 1 is...)

I must host more of these sessions.