Monday, June 23, 2014

Granville Road: Shopping Day

If you like to shop/window-shop, a fun place to spend an afternoon is Granville Road down in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST).  Here you can find a lot of trendy clothes, some outlet shops, your usual Nike/Adidas shops, optical shops, hair salons, cosmetic/skincare shops, accessory places, funky boutiques, trendy eateries, The One shopping mall, and the Granville Circuit (with more trendy/funky fashionable shops).  It's only a few blocks long, but it holds a lot of great shopping areas if you weave in and out of the alleys and side streets.

How to get here:
1.  From TST MTR Station Exit B1, you will find yourself on the corner of Cameron Road and Nathan Road 
2.  Turn right onto Nathan Road
3.  Walk to the next street and that should be Granville Road

The landmark to look for is The One shopping mall, which marks the beginning of Granville Road.  This street reminds me of Sai Yueng Choi street in Mong Kok...which has similar shops, but there are more local boutiques that you can find on Granville Road.

Pictured below, is one of the handful of outlet shops that you can find on Granville.  There are a number of brands that you can find in this one shop that have that funky, Hong Kong vibe.

One of my favorite shops/boutiques to visit is miner49er (pictured below).  They have some really awesome t-shirts, if you are into t-shirts.

Also, in one of the commercial buildings along Granville Road is Star Crossed Tattoo (pictured below).  If you are looking for tattoo parlors, most times the internet will direct you to the Tattoo Temple near Lan Kwai Fong, but here is an alternative for those on the Kowloon Side.  The rate here is around 1000 HKD/ matter the size or the difficulty.  If anyone has been here (please comment!)

Looking for essential oils or an alternative to LUSH?  You can find a few boutiques along Granville to test out the quality of things (pictured below).  Beyond these little boutiques, there are also the usual Sasa and Bonjour cosmetic shops that can be found here.  I thought the soaps made a great gift.  Each individual soap sold for around 50 HKD.

Lastly, for those looking for a good ole franchise, this Cotton On is one of my favorites (pictured below).  It has a great little homeware section on the ground floor.  It is one of the more crowded Cotton Ons, but it does SEEM to have a more attractive stock than some other smaller ones around the City.

Though TST has many more shopping areas (like Harbour City and Canton Road), Granville Road is a place to find random, funky, fun things.  It's a great area to explore!