Wednesday, April 23, 2014

BBQ @ Kam Tin Country Club

The weather is becoming so lovely and warm!

Out in Kam Tin, there sits the Kam Tin Country Club.  It is a huge bit of land, where you can find lots of activities for families to do together.  The best part is that you can have a BBQ out here at the same time.

"Stable" for riding animals!  I haven't seen this since I lived in Guizhou!

There are goats out in the field area and goats in the petting zoo area

Bunnies in the petting zoo area

Kids riding on motorized PLUSHIES...again, I haven't seen it since China!  It's a riot to see!  But, the kids seem to enjoy it!

The "motorcycle" derby!

A HUGE inflatable castle for the kids to play on

Goldfish fishing

The entire area is surrounded by fruit trees and vegetables 

Little turtle pond

BBQ pit and HK-style BBQ

This place is pretty fun to wander around, but the best part is definitely kicking back with family and friends at the BBQ pits.  The Hong Kong culture is very my eyes.  We are always invited to have hot pot, dim sum, or barbecues, all of which involve sitting around one communal area of food and hanging out.  It's something that I really love about the local culture!  It's a far cry from the times when everyone is in work-mode.