Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Golden Time of the Kings

I have been feeling like quite the tourist this week!

While down at the Hulett House, I stopped by their Champagne Room to see the "Golden Time of the Kings" Exhibit, which showcased antique furniture, candelabras, mirrors, clocks and more.  Mikael Kraemer was the family representative, who was in the Champagne Room, answering any questions exhibit-goers had.

Kraemer told me that the family was showcasing their pieces, which were collected over 150 years, in Asia.  He said that most people only see these pieces in museums, set behind glass, or at a distance.  The Kraemer family wanted to share these pieces with the public, where they can come up close and touch these works of art.

It was definitely a thrill to be able to come close to the details of each piece of furniture.

This little exhibit is running unit the end of May.