Thursday, April 3, 2014

Eats Week: Go Inside & Friends in Hung Hom

It's FRIDAY!  The last installment of Eats Week brings me to Go Inside & Friends.  These are two little restaurants that sit right next to each other in the Fortune Metropolis Mall.   Go Inside is a social enterprise restaurant whose mission is to help youths realize their dreams. & Friends is also a social enterprise restaurant whose mission is to provide jobs for the deaf.  But, both restaurants work hand in hand, sharing the same kitchen and same customers.

Go Inside & Friends
What: Italian Style Restaurant

Hours:  11:30 - 10 pm

Where:  Shop 741, 7/F Fortune Metropolis Mall, Hung Hom

How to get there:  Take Exit B of Hung Hom station, before you exit towards the sky bridge, you'll see an escalator going up into the Fortune Metropolis Mall, take exactly THREE escalators up to the mall, where you will see Park N Shop on the left, and walk directly along the left side of Park N Shop, where you will probably see Go Inside & Friends in front of you

The menu encourages your to point to the items on the "side bar" if you don't know how to sign them

Tonight, we sat on the Go Inside side of the restaurant
Pumpkin soup
Salmon Tartar
Margarita pizza for me
Japanese style noodles for my husband

The chairs and most of the restaurant were covered in beautiful artwork from the youths that this social enterprise works with.  It definitely added a flare and felt like such a wonderful space. 

The month before, I had tried & Friends.  I ordered the baby back ribs, which I partially got because I was in the midst of watching House Of Cards.  Those ribs were incredible.  They were incredibly mouthwateringly amazing.  They were the sole reason to why we went back to eat here.  But, I learned that the menu changes up.  The food we ordered, though, was still really delicious!  I ordered a margarita pizza and that was so delicious!  The cheese was perfect, the sun dried tomatoes were perfect, and the thin crust was perfect.  They have a wonderful set of chefs in the kitchen.

Along with the wonderful eats, the staff were so nice both times we visited.  The first time I came here, one of the waitstaff taught us how to sign "thank you," "soup," "check, please," and "hot lemon water."  Learning that made it incredibly useful for us to sign to the waiter we had this time.

This is definitely a place to check out!

And here...Eats Week ends and another week begins...