Monday, April 14, 2014

Traveling Tuesday: Kam Sheung Road

You know how things CHANGE YOUR LIFE?  Well, here's one of my LIFE ALTERING MOMENTS in a nutshell!

A few years back, my husband's friends moved out to Kam Sheung Road.  They invited us over for lunch and, I'll tell ya, I will forever thank them for their thoughtfulness.  That was the day that I discovered the "Flea Market" in front of Kam Sheung Road MTR station and the Red Brick House.

The Flea Market is amazing for people like me!  It is filled with cute dogs to pet, stalls of coffee, stalls of bohemian clothing, stalls of incense, stalls of crafts, stalls of secondhand treasures, and they also are residence to a really nice plant nursery.  

Both the Flea Market and the Red Brick House are only open on the weekends!  So, it is a great trip to take out to Kam Sheung Road if you want lunch and an afternoon of knick-knack shopping!

Along the way to the Red Brick House, we stopped by this restaurant for lunch.  I call it the Choy Restaurant!  It is one of those really local restaurants that serve only a few people at a time.  They shop for fresh produce and food daily.  And from what they find at the food markets, they set their menu for the day according to what the markets offer.

Menu of the day

Pumpkin Soup

Taro cakes

Pork in Shrimp Paste

Ginger Ice Cream

The Red Brick House is awesome to visit on the weekends, especially when it is Christmas.  There are many little shops like the Flea Market at the MTR station.  It used to be a huge barn, which the Kam Tin residents converted into a curios market.  You can find a lot of things to decorate your home with, toys for children, good jiaozi, organic foods, leather goods, tech goods, and even clogs!

I always find something interesting every time I stop by.