Thursday, April 17, 2014

First Friday: Shangri-la Curry House

Do you have a special place that you and your special someone always frequent?  And it remains special because you've not shared this place with any of your friends or family?

Well, my husband and I most certainly have a favorite secret restaurant.

On this FIRST FRIDAY, we decided to share our special place with our good friends for the FIRST time!  It was also the FIRST double-date that we have had all year with another married couple.  Along with those previous FIRSTS, this is also the FIRST time that I am sharing the Shangri-la Curry House with all of you!

Complimentary appetizer
Novelty drink
Papri Chaat
Butter Naan
Plain Naan
Saag Paneer
Rogan Josh
Aloo Gobi

This is definitely a local neighborhood restaurant love!  The food is always so delicious.  The menu is great because you have your reliable Indian dishes, as well as a good selection of other dishes to try when you are feeling adventurous.  The waitstaff is always so accommodating, polite, thoughtful, and professional.  Places like this make me love living in Hong Kong!