Saturday, October 11, 2014

Admiralty October 11, 2014

Normally, Admiralty is a great place to visit on weekends because the grounds of the government buildings are barren.  You can picnic on the grass, view Victoria Harbour, jog along the waterfront, walk your dog, or just chill.  One of my friends also said it was a great place to practice dance because it was so private.

Nowadays, Admiralty has become quite the tourist attraction due to the Umbrella Movement.

During the evening and into the late night, Admiralty is incredibly packed with supporters, but, during the late morning and into the afternoon, Admiralty becomes a reverent tourist attraction.  

Walking along the protest zone felt like I was walking in a war zone.  

It felt so liberating walking along the highway.  Thousands upon thousands of people walked where I had walked and left impressions, statements, and memories on those concrete slabs (that's me trying to be poetic).  It was just an experience that I had never before witnessed in my short lifetime.

Surrounding the entire site, there were not only people supporting those who were sacrificing their livelihoods to stand for the bit of democracy that could be allotted them, but there were also words of support.  These words of support adorned papers, cards, cardboard boxes, and chalk covered turf, which definitely misted the air with a beautiful cloud of unity.

"Hong Kong, ADD OIL!"  (Keep on PUSHING Hong Kong!)

(Below) The Tree of Democracy was created by Creative Media students of City University.

(Below) On cardboard squares, the faces of C.Y. Leung and Carrie Lam are illustrated.  Over their faces are fu.  Fu is a piece of yellow paper, or a charm, that is meant to ward off vampires…similar to garlic or silver bullets.

(Below) The statue of the man holding a yellow umbrella (which a lot of people say mirrors the Goddess of Democracy).  The news reported that a group of 10 friends constructed this installation over a few days out of small pieces of wood.

I, once again, cannot express how much I love this City!