Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mong Kok October 1, 2014

Today is Hong Kong's October 1st holiday, also known as National Day.  

We went down to Mong Kok to support the protesters by bringing supplies and positive vibes.

What's happening in Mong Kok right now:

1.  Part of Nathan Road and Argyle are still blocked off.  Buses are terminating their services miles from the protest area.

2.  Supply stations are being replenished by supporters.

3.  Road blocks made of bus stop rails and trash cans are still holding strong.

4.  Around lunch time, the crowd started growing.

5.  The buses that were parked here since the Mong Kok occupation began have been adorned with messages of rebellion, encouragement, and request for the Chief Executive to step down.

6.  At the intersection of Nathan Road and Argyle Street, the temporary stage area continues to host anyone who would like to give a two-minute speech on the events happening in Hong Kong.

7.  Along Argyle Street, cars sit in support of the protesters.

8.  Along the HSBC building, people continue posting messages and writing messages for the public to read.

9.  At around 2pm, the crowd grew even bigger.

10.  The media perches atop the MTR exit.

11.  Another small temporary stage nearer that is closer to the Prince Edward side of Mong Kok.

Mong Kok is one of the three main sites of the Occupy Central movement.  The other two being Central/Admiralty and Causeway Bay.  The City today continues to be protesting in a pretty calm and peaceful way.  A lot of people are out here supporting Scholarism, the Federation of Students, and Occupy.

I love this City!