Friday, October 3, 2014

Bread Street Kitchen and Bar

It has been such a long week.  Last night, it was difficult to sleep when a Press Conference was being held and possible negotiations would be made between the Federation of Students and the Hong Kong government.  Waking up this morning made me feel like we're all in it for a long long long haul...

But, today, being Finally Friday, we decided to unwind for just a bit and headed to Lan Kwai Fong into the doors of Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen and Bar for a quick bite (mostly, we just wanted to see if it lived up to its reputation).  

Walking into this place made me feel like we had left Hong Kong for a split second.  The atmosphere here is so intoxicating that I praise Gordon Ramsay for the temporary break from reality.

Note:  You probably should make reservations because, if not, you will be banished to the bar, which wasn't so bad, but EVERYONE'S EYES were on us because they KNEW (they knew we hadn't made reservations!)

Being that this is a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, we were totally expecting the posh prices.  For our drinks and appetizers, we paid well over 500 HKD, but it was totally worth it.  I don't know much about food, but:

1.  The tuna was seared to perfection

2.  The aji sauce was drizzled onto the tuna beautifully

3.  The texture of every single grain of couscous was divine

4.  The sweet, tart, salty, and whatever else flavors mixed with the couscous were brilliant

5.  The food was plain good

Seared yellow fin tuna with aji amarillo pepper dressing
Israeli couscous, sweet corn, cranberries, radish, spring onion, and mint salad   

Bread Street was just what we needed to recharge for the rest of our day, we stopped by mid-afternoon (by the way)!  This experience made me want to add a visit to Jaime Oliver's restaurant (Jamie's Italian) in Causeway Bay to my bucket list.