Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Healing Stones

Yesterday, I woke up and felt a buzz of excitement in the air.  After catching up on the latest news on Occupy Central and the Student Movement, I hopped on the train, went into work and was met with locked doors.  At the exact moment when my hand dropped from the office's door handle, the security guard came by and said, "It's too early to use your access code."  

I had come two hours earlier than opening hours because transportation routes had gone detour on me.

Turning up at work at such an early hour felt so refreshing, though.  It's partially the buzz of excitement in the air of people coming together to make a stand for democracy.  It's also, probably, partially due to the caffeine flowing through my veins.

I haven't felt this way for quite awhile.  A few months ago, I was struggling with a lot of negative energies.  I felt a bit overwhelmed, which pushed me to look for ways to bring positivity back into my life.  And this is what brings me to my post for today.

I had been feeling quite a bit of negativity, which is partially (there's that word again!) due to homesickness and working too much.  I just got caught up in a routine and suffocated out of having a personal life.  I started reading up on precious stones and how they could be used to heal the soul.

Because I was looking for some positivity, a lot of people said to invest in some:
1.  Rose quartz
2.  Black Tourmaline
3.  Labradorite

My handful of rose quartz and my single black tourmaline stone

Going around Hong Kong, I found a few shops that sold stones.  Mostly, I bumped into them as if by fate!  I bought a packet of rose quartz chips for 25 HKD, found a black tourmaline stone for 25 HKD, and received my big beautiful rose quartz stone from a friend!  I'm still working on finding a bit of labradorite.

What are these stones good for?

1.  Rose quartz:  To help disperse anger

2.  Black tourmaline:  To shield against negative energies

Somewhere online, I also read that the stones pick up and store negativity.  So, they have to be continually cleansed by (1) running them under a stream of water or (2) leaving them to be washed by the moon light.

If anything, rolling these stones in between my fingers is a great way to redirect my focus and calm my soul!

Today will be a great day, I can just feel it!