Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Amazing Finds: Knit and Crochet

Wednesday, recently, has become such a 50/50 day for me.  It's halfway through the work week, but with halfway more to go.  And, 

(1)  now that the weather is feeling a bit cooler during the evenings, 
(2)  the sun rises a tad bit later in the mornings, 
(3)  and I need coffee more than every to keep me going through the day, 

I just need a second to take a breath, gather my thoughts, and find my bearings.  

Today, I am back to blogging about the Pottinger Street steps and something that totally refreshed my spirits on this 50/50 Wednesday.

Whilst walking up the steps, I stumbled over something quite amazing.  I came face-to-face with some crocheted rails!

At first, I stopped and looked around.  I thought it was an art installation, but there were no signs attached.  It was a true blue mystery as to how yarn got all over the rails.

It's completely baffling and amazing how the yarn bandit sprung in the night.

I had a Flash Mob moment.  And, aren't Flash "mobs" are all the rage!  I mean, Hong Kong has had it's fair share of Flash Mobs:

1.  The Michael Jackson ones that commemorated his passing

2.  The Pandas that mobbed us all over the summer

3.  The Cathay Pacific a few Christmases ago

4.  The occasional Freeze Mobs for Anti-Shark Fins

5.  The International Pillow Fight

I felt like, myself and the few people around me, were so lucky to have caught sight of the rails covered in yarn.  It's like a mini secret that made us all smile.

I think that the yarn bandits struck several times before in Hong Kong.  I do remember reading somewhere in the South China Morning Post about Mong Kok being covered for a bit of time in yarn.  And I remember that the sculpture outside of Langham place was covered in yarn a few years ago.  That was a special treat to find on my lunch break!

But, the Pottinger Street steps are more "local."  I mean, not a lot of tourists walk to the top of the steps…I may be wrong.  So, I felt like I was one of the select few who were privy to this amazing find.

Not only were the colors so vibrant that it motivated me to push through Hump Day, but the faces of the cute crocheted animals that were holding onto the rail ends for dear life made me laugh.  And everyone needs that…am I right?

I wonder how long these will be up…