Friday, October 17, 2014

Al Zaiqa for Breakfast & Lunch

A month or so ago, we made a new discovery in Yuen Long.  A place (which probably opened up months ago and I never took notice of until recently) called Al Zaiqa Restaurant had just popped up out of nowhere right at the corner of the Yuen Long Plaza (right on Castle Peak Road).

Because one of my most frequented Indian Restaurants sort of took a decline in the recent few months, my husband and I decided to sample other options out there in our neighborhood.  


By day, this place is a regular old Hong Kong Canteen.  You can get set menus of noodles, eggs, and toast.  And you can get your normal iced lemon water, Ovaltine, and milk tea.

(Below)  I thought it was funny that the sign read:  No FOOD & DRINK!  It should read:  "No OUTSIDE food & drink."  I had one of those moments when I thought I could add to that photo book of Chinglish.

I personally loved the French Toast I got.  It was as delicious as Hong Kong Canteen food can get!

At LUNCH Time:

On another day, we visited Al Zaiqa to test out the lunch menu.  This place offered Turkish/Indian food a la carte and also as set menus.  The menu offered curries, kebobs, and lassis.

The lunch menu was awesome.  We've been here a couple of times for the kebabs and curry.  The lassi are delicious and gigantic.  The only strange thing is the mango lassi's neon glow.

By DINNER time:

At the dinner hour, this place still offers the Turkish/Indian cuisine, but, for some reason, when my friend and I went, it wasn't as tasty as the previous times that my husband and I went there.  I'm not sure if it was a change in chefs…or the fact that we had eaten a round of desserts before eating dinner, but it just wasn't impressive.

Another friend told me that she had heard from her other friends that this place was not ideal for meals. We came to a temporary conclusion that MAYBE Al Zaiqa is great for breakfast and lunch only.  I might try it again for dinner.

This place has definitely replaced my old favorite Indian restaurant on On Ning road, though.

NOTE:  Sorry for all the "location" shots.  I just thought it might be helpful for those who might be wandering the area to find this place!