Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pottinger Street Steps

At the intersection of Queen's Road and Pottinger Street, you will be able to spot a path of stone steps.  These are the Pottinger Street steps, also known as the Stone Slab Street steps.  I visit these stone slabs almost time I am in Central.  It's also one of the places I go, besides the Red Brick House, to find my seasonal decorations.  Since Halloween is looming, the street is currently filled with the usual costumes and decorations.  

Things you can find on the Steps today:

1.  Mainly, you can find Halloween costumes, but there are also a lot of Chinese New Year decorations, which perhaps is out for the tourists.

2.  Costumes for babies:  chicken, turtles, and little cows...

3.  If you want to be a hula dancer, there are an assortment of leis...also grass skirts and coconuts (so cliche!)

4.  Masks are always stocked here...Scary clown anyone?

4.  Geisha/Oriental style clothing...not restricted to Halloween costumes!

5.  Onsies...I think that the onsies that are found at the Stanley Market might be better than these, but still a good

The Pottinger Street Steps are also a good place to go when you want to find skull patches to sew onto clothes, fake flowers that you want to decorate your hair with, and thread for sewing.  It's a hodgepodge of little shops that are worth checking out, if only to take photos of the changing stock.

Note:  Most of the patches, sewing stuff, buttons, and fake flowers are found on the lower set of steps.  It's an all right substitute for the Sham Shui Po craft district.