Monday, October 6, 2014

Harbour Lights

At night, it's absolutely stunning to be around Victoria Harbour because of all the amazing lights of Hong Kong beaming brightly.  My favorite building last night was the ICC Building over on Kowloon Side.

There were swimmers doing laps up and down the side of the building.  Just watching them was mesmerizing and put me in a definite state of trance.  I caught myself and thought it rather nice to have let my mind wander so freely for those few minutes.

It's beautiful to see how I am surrounded by art and find it so inspiring!

Every night at 8pm the Symphony of Lights can be experienced around Victoria Harbour.  The first time I saw the show (which is free for everyone to view) was when my sister told me about it a few years ago.  It was on her list of things to do when visiting Hong Kong.  We stationed ourselves at the Hung Hom ferry pier/promenade area and enjoyed the light show with some coffee and cakes.

What is the Symphony of Lights?

One of my old co-workers once told me, "I thought the buildings were going crazy, but it was just the Symphony of Lights."

It's basically a light show put on around the Harbour.  The buildings surrounding the Harbour light up, there is music that blares out of the speakers (of which I didn't know were lined up along the various promenades), and is quite the tourist attraction.

The actual website says that the best viewing spots are:
1.  Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) waterfront between the Avenue of Stars and Cultural Centre
2.  Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai

Though the main light show occurs at 8pm, the buildings around the Harbour still carry a little show for onlookers to view (like the ICC building above).