Monday, October 27, 2014

Village Luncheon

When I think of Hong Kong, even after living here for so many years, I pretty much think of the crowded, congested life that everyone complains about.  It's such a colorful city…colorful in a good and bad way.  Sometimes it is difficult to escape the bad if you have to face crowds and congestion daily.

I was privileged to escape for a weekend and go through a little City Cleanse (One part rest, Two parts relaxation, and lots of water!)

I always forget that there are a lot of villages that are content to keeping the low-key life.  My favorite village(s) of the day:  Mui Wo's sleepy villages!

1.  I love the bridge:  There is a bridge to LITERALLY show the separation between life and dream.  Being an outsider of this village area, crossing the bridge is so symbolic.  It's like crossing into a world that is void of everything Hong Kong.

2.  I love the wildlife:  Life, on this particular day, was so serene.  The weather was too hot for the buffalo to be out, but the wild birds were plentiful!

3.  I love the silence:  The village was so silent that I could hear the lone bicycle paddling its way through one of the pathways…but couldn't locate the rider! 

4.  I love the view:  Look at the open air!  Look at the greenery!

5.  I love discovering things:  I actually didn't know there was an ancient village structure just hanging out on the side of the village.  I'm not sure if it was like a town hall.  It was a functional space, though, because people were celebrating on the ground floor.

6.  I love knowing villagers:  The highlight of Mui Wo is knowing people who live there.  This was actually why I was in the village…celebrating the marriage of two great friends.  I was so honored to have been invited to the family luncheon.  

Rest, relaxation, amazing people, and great food…another bunch of happy memories added to my life experience.