Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Afternoon Tea @ Disneyland Again

We're back at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for afternoon tea!  I think this was one of the first blog posts that I did when I first started this blog.  Back then, I said I wouldn't return here any time soon, but here I am.

Whenever I want to feel that Christmas spirit, I just visit the mall or Disneyland!

The decorations in the main lobby are so beautiful.  I really love this hotel, as it is a sort of colonial style of hotel.  It sort of reminds me of homes in the South, like out of Gone With The Wind.

We had a bit of time before afternoon tea started, which I believe 3pm is the earliest time.  So, we went exploring the hotel a bit.  Our first stop was the gift shop (the Disney Store).  There were also a load of cute things to check out, especially the Christmas ornaments.

Though I already did a review of this afternoon tea spot, I thought I would share what the tea set was like this time around.

We had a choice of the usual teas.  Earl Grey was our number one choice.

The tea set for two consisted of a scone and piece of chocolate,

an assortment of finger sandwiches,

and an assortment of cakes/sweets.

The amount served was great for an afternoon tea set.  It wasn't too much.  It wasn't too little.

We also had the option of two hot dishes.  We got a quiche and crab cake.

Once again, the staff was ever so accommodating.  The setting was lovely and warm.  And the food was pretty much all right.

I think the best part of the afternoon was the wandering around inside the hotel, though!