Friday, December 5, 2014

Cat Street (Upper Lascar Row)

Cat Street is one of Hong Kong's antique streets, where you can find a lot of Chinese antiques.  Antiques range from little bits of faux jade bracelets to lacquered Chinese furniture.  

This is also one of the main tourist spots, where souvenirs are bought and photos of little Mao red books are taken.

How to get here:
1.  From Central MTR Station Exit D2, turn right towards Theatre Lane
2.  From Theatre Lane, turn left and walk towards Queen's Road
3.  Turn right on Queen's Road and you'll hit the Pottinger Street Steps (on your left)
4.  A little past the Steps should be the Central-Mid Levels Escalators
5.  Walk up the Pottinger Street Steps until you hit Hollywood Road or take the Escalators up to Hollywood Road
6.  From Hollywood Road, take a right and you'll hit the Man Mo Temple on your left.  Upper Lascar Row will be on your right, just walk down Ladder Street on your right and you'll see it on your left

CONFUSING directions?  I hope not!

Just for reference, when walking down Ladder Street, this sign (pictured below) will be the first thing you see on your left.  It's less than a 10 second walk down Ladder Street before you come face to face with Upper Lascar Row.

The rest of today's blog will just give you a feel of what the Row is all about.

Hopefully, I caught the flavor of the area.  There are so many great things to find here…as you can see!

A little TIP:  A lot of the vendors and shop owners allow you to bargain.  So, if you want to test out your bargaining skills, here's a great place to do it.