Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hawaiian Poke in HK

While we were just wandering the streets of Central, my husband and I came across the oddest and most wonderful thing in weeks:  A poke take-out place.

Poke is a hawaiian dish.  It's raw fish (tuna or salmon) mixed/tossed with other ingredients and can be eaten with rice.

Who'd of thunk that you could find a place like Pololi in Hong Kong!  

I love the menu.  It's so very novelty, with the ginger poke, wasabi poke…and even Hong Kong style poke.

I love the decor, which makes me feel that Aloha Spirit that I feel when I fly back to Honolulu.

Speaking of, I actually think that Pololi inspired me to paint a mural on our future apartment walls…Hawaiian living room?  Tropical kitchen?  Now, that's an idea!

I love how there is spam musubi available.  That was THE snack when I was growing up.  When we went out to the beach, we ate spam musubi.  When we went out on class field trips, spam musubi was packed.  When we flew inter-island, we ate spam musubi on the flight...

I love the people who work here.  All of them are so nice.  Just last week, for Thanksgiving, Pololi helped me pack a poke bowl in a cooler with ice, as I was transporting it over an hour back to Yuen Long.  When I got to my Thanksgiving party, it was as fresh as it was when I left the shop.

I love that they have Hawaiian beers.  Makes me want to support the local breweries.  Actually, since a lot of my friends have connections with Hawaii, we have tested out some of these beers before.  It's good to know that I can find them easily at Pololi.

I think that this was such a great place to find back in the summer.  It's been open for a few months now and I feel like it has a pretty good chance of sticking around longer (finger's crossed!)!

This is definitely going to become one of my favorite lunch places in Central.