Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas in TST

Some of my favorite spots to enjoy the City decorations are in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST).  There are two really popular spots to do some really fun candid family Christmas shots:

2.  Harbour City

The 1881 Heritage Building's theme was called "Enchanted Festive Forest."  Basically, there was one incredibly massive candle in the Grand Piazza that was surrounded with beautifully decorated Christmas trees.  Dispersed throughout the Piazza and even on the upper levels of the Heritage Building were fairies, which was my favorite part. 

Over at Harbour City (which sits just across the street from the 1881 Heritage Building), the theme of the season was "Starry Christmas."  It's quite reminiscent of a Harry Potter sort of world, where we have a big train sitting in front of the Harbour and little faux shops running along side it.

If you are into trains, this might be a great place to check out, especially at night.

Inside of Harbour City's main entryway, there is a lovely tree that stands off to the left.  It's definitely pretty and goes along with the "Starry Christmas" theme outside.

In the Gateway Arcade section of Harbour City, the sweetest thing in the world will sneak up on you.  Right along the ground floor are dozens of sheep.  They are of all different colors and just standing with eyes wide open at you.  These sheep eventually lead to the "Shaun the Sheep Love Christmas" display (pictured below), which is hosting workshops for kids on various days.  The proceeds of these activities are going to the Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation.

There are so many Christmas decorations to see around the City.  It makes the gloomy weather seem so much brighter!