Monday, December 22, 2014

Amazing Finds: Abandoned Lantau

Lantau Island is probably the most touristy island in Hong Kong.  It's home to Hong Kong Disneyland, the Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Tai O fishing village, the Lantau Peak, Ngong Ping 360, the CityGate Outlets, Cheung Sha Beach, the Tung Chung fort, and more.

Up at the Ngong Ping Village and around The Big Buddha, there are trails that lead to various hiking points.  There are also a lot of amazing abandoned buildings and little villages to trek through.  

Not being much of diehard hikers, we stuck around the paved trails.

Right along one of the paths was this abandoned village home.

Walking a bit further, we realized that this abandoned home was connected to a village, where the Tea Garden Restaurant was.  The Tea Garden Restaurant, by the way, was closed.  It made me wonder if it closes during the winter months.  If anyone knows, please let me know.

Along one of the clearings, there was also a stable that looked abandoned, but there were loads of cow pies dispersed all around the area.  So, it probably is a shelter for some of Lantau's buffalo.

A bit beyond the stables was another abandoned building.  It looked like a village home or perhaps a hostel.  But, it seemed like a storage area for the villagers.

Our particular path was pretty much parallel to the Sacred Path.

Overall, it's a good area to "hike" for hikers who would prefer strolling in nature, rather than breaking a sweat on an incline.

It was a nice little detour, which lead to a really great exploration day.