Monday, December 1, 2014

DIY: Advent Calendar

December is here again!  Our Christmas tree is up.  The Christmas lights are twinkling.  Our stockings are hung.  And Christmas music is playing most evenings.  

The only thing missing was our Christmas Countdown.

I actually didn't really have an advent calendar when I was younger.  I only realized they were a thing when I moved to Hong Kong.

So, for a few weeks now, I had been checking out some DIY advent calendars.  I actually came across one that is totally up my alley, as I am in love with origami!  It's called the Pandora's Box.  It's a really simple origami box that is quick to make.  

I thought the steps might be too laborious, so please do check out the link if you are interested.  It's just the Youtube video that I used as a guide.

DIY Advent Calendar Steps:

1.  Whilst chatting with my sister online, I made 25 Pandora's Boxes (left open).  It was about an hour or so to get to finish the first step in my advent calendar (pictured below).  But, I watched the video once, which was pretty clear cut, then I got out my box of origami paper, which I had collected since my last trip to Kyoto.

2.  Then I went out and bought a bunch of Hong Kong sweets.  I thought it might be nice to try some solo sweets, as there are quite a few sweet shops around Yuen Long.  I also haven't really taste-tested a lot of the local candies, so THIS was THE opportune time to do just that.

3.  I stuffed all of the sweets (there are about two to three sweets in the bigger boxes and solo ones in the smaller ones) into the boxes and then folded them closed (pictured below).  Then I piled them up under our Christmas tree to be opened every morning/evening until the 25th!

I thought it was not necessary to number the boxes…as we might feel like eating a bit more sweets on some days than others.  But, it's so lovely to see such colorful little things under our Christmas tree!