Monday, December 8, 2014

DIY: Christmas Sweets

This year, I wanted to go a little more DIY with some of my Christmas gifts.  So, I checked out some ideas online and came across Christmas Chocolates!

I actually found the recipe online.  It was Paula Deen's Peppermint Bark recipe originally…but I put my own little twist on it.

NOTE:  I didn't measure with pounds, teaspoons, or anything.  I just sort of winged it, but they came out so beautifully!  Also, this "recipe" made enough melted chocolate to totally fill ONE small chocolate mold tray plus 6 - 7 more molds.  In total, I made 18 full bite-sized chocolates.

1.  1 pound of white chocolate chips
2.  1 drop of peppermint extract
3.  1 - 2 crushed candy canes

Here's what I did:
NOTE:  On my first attempt, I tried to melt my white chocolate chips in the microwave.  They actually turned out quite all right.  For my second attempt, I tried melting it in a mug that sat in a pot of boiling water.  I think that my most recent method was actually a lot better, as my chocolate was keep liquified longer than my microwaved attempt.

1.  First, I poured my white chocolate chips into a mug.
2.  I then put I dropped a little drop of my peppermint extract (which was green) into my white chocolate chips.
3.  I mixed it around until it melted into a paste.

4.  Then I sprayed my chocolate mold with some Pam (butter spray).
5.  I crushed up my candy canes and sprinkled some into the molds.

6.  Then I took my chocolate concoction and spooned it into the molds (no photo of the messiness that was is posted!).

7.  After the molds were filled, I placed my tray into the fridge for about 2 hours.
8.  and voilà! 

Here is the outcome.  My second attempt at peppermint chocolates came out pretty good.  I think that the green color is actually a plus, as it quite matches the Christmasy vibe of the chocolates.  ACTUALLY, I think it's hard to go wrong with this recipe as it is just melting white chocolates and adding peppermints/candy canes to the mix.