Friday, December 26, 2014

Lantau Holiday: Mui Wo Inn

When looking for accommodations in Mui Wo, I suspect that most people think that the Silvermine Bay  Beach Resort is probably the only option.  There are two other economic options that can also be found along Silvermine Bay Beach, though:

1.  Mui Wo Inn
2.  Seaview Holiday Resort

We chose to stay over at the Mui Wo Inn for our Christmas/Winter Holiday Staycation.  There wasn't much information on the internet about this place, so I booked it and hoped for the best.   Thankfully, our stay was quite pleasant and also gave us a lot of time to really explore Mui Wo.

Mui Wo Inn Information:
Tel:  (852) 2984-7225 or  (852) 2984-8597

How to get there:
1.  From the Mui Wo Ferry Pier, walk right
2.  You should find yourself walking along Silvermine Bay and you can see the Silvermine Bay Beach Resort in the near distance
3.  In about 7 - 10 minutes of walking along the water, you'll reach a bridge
4.  Take a right and walk along the bridge
5.  Continue along the waterfront and follow the pathway along Silvermine Beach
6.  In about 7 - 10 minutes of walking, you'll see the Mui Wo Inn on the left (right after the Seaview Holiday Resort

The facade will definitely capture your attention - Greek-esque.

To book, I had to call and make reservations (Tel:  (852) 2984-7225 or  (852) 2984-8597).  The owner speaks limited English, but there is a woman that he'll hand you over to.  The prices change, but we spent 600 - 850 a night (weekday/weekend prices). 

We transferred the total payment for our accommodations after making a reservation to Mui Wo Inn's bank account.  And they confirmed the booking a few days later.

NOTE:  We booked a month in advance.

For those curious of the accommodation fees (in Hong Kong Dollars):

2nd/3rd floor garden view is $500 for the weekday/$700 for the weekend
2nd/3rd floor sea view with balcony is $600 for the weekday/$850 for the weekend

Ground floor sea view with two rooms is $850 for the weekday/$1250 for the weekend
2nd/3rd floor sea view with balcony is $700 for the weekday/$1000 for the weekend

The ground floor has a lobby/lounge and restaurant area.  It's all very low key!

The hallways are pretty tight, but there are two sides to the Inn.  We stayed on the right side of the Inn and each floor had three rooms (please excuse the green tinge!).

The garden view room was the smallest on our floor.  It had a small two person bed, great lighting, extra blankets, a very cool retro fridge topped with a 1980s television set, a small bathroom with shower, toilet, and sink, a little hot water drink bar, an air conditioner, and a hanger area to put your clothes.  It was quite simple, but had all the necessities!

The doors are all the lock and key type of doors.  Nothing fancy, but still quite safe…as I felt that just keeping the door locked was sufficient enough for keeping our things safe.

The light switches, I thought were so simple as well!  These remind me of my old apartment!

 There were two sea view rooms on our floor.  The bigger one had a two person sized bed, extra blankets (*) a sofa, a coffee table, a more modern television, a wardrobe for your clothes, a hot water station, a mini fridge, a bathroom with shower and tub, sink and toilet, and the wonderful balcony that looked out towards Silvermine Bay.  It was definitely more spacious than the garden view room.

(*) As it is winter now, every room had extra blankets.  We also requested another blanket to keep us warm.  The Inn had no heating, so this was the uncomfortable bit.  But, in the summer, I suspect that the air conditioning unit would be lovely, especially with the sea breeze coming in through the windows.

NOTE:  The Inn also had no Wifi, which is good for those who don't mind getting AWAY for a few days!

The third room that faced the sea had a two person sized bed, extra blankets, chairs to sit in, a television, fridge, coffee table for the hot water, a better air conditioning unit than the garden view, a balcony and a bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet.

There were a few things that I really liked about the Mui Wo Inn:
1.  The owner and staff were so nice
2.  They tidied our room daily 
3.  The shower was amazing - hot water for days!
4.  The view is amazing
5.  And it is a good distance away from all the "hustle and bustle" of Mui Wo town.

The view made this location worth every economic penny!