Monday, December 29, 2014

Lantau Holiday: Silvermine Bay Beach

There's something about being by the beach that just makes me feel like I'm on a holiday.  It must be the view!

…or it must be the feeling of solitude!  

…or it must be the fact that Silvermine Bay Beach feels miles away from the City!

Anyhow, for whatever reason, our Staycation at the Mui Wo Inn looked right out towards Silvermine Bay.  This was the beach where we met for the first time.  It was also the location of a few awesome music concerts (where did those go?)!

It's a lovely and quite long beach, so it makes for a perfect evening stroll.  

During the summers, it is actually quite nice to take a dip in the water.  It isn't filled with trash, like some other beaches.  It's kept pretty clean.

The sand isn't the softest, but it's still nice!  And it, I cannot repeat myself enough, is pretty clean.

There is a great barbecue area, where people (even in the chilly Hong Kong evenings) are barbecuing late into the night.  This too, was kept pretty clean (by the barbecuers and the beach staff).

There are a lot more picnic tables available here at Silvermine Bay Beach than some of the other beaches I've been too.  I think this is perhaps one of my favorite parts of this beach.  Though you can set up a picnic on a blanket on the sand, having the option to spread out on a nice wooden bench has it's pros:  a farther distance for the curious dogs to snatch your food!!!

Since it's quite cold now, there aren't many visitors at the beach.  Most of the people who are strolling around or soaking up the sun are the people (like us) who are staying at the accommodations on the beach.

Another great thing about this beach is the boardwalk.  A lot of kids used the path for skateboarding and a lot of the villagers used it as a bike path too and from the village to the town.

If you find yourself dehydrated, don't worry.  There is also a little kiosk that is situated right next to the changing room/public restroom/shower area.  The kiosk sold swim suits, drinks, beach toys, snacks, and other beach necessities.

Silvermine Bay Beach is just one of those beaches that you can enjoy through all seasons.