Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Man Mo Temple

I was back in Sheung Wan today picking up some spices and decided to take advantage of the sunny day.  Yup, another day of strolling the streets of Hong Kong.

I strolled up to Hollywood Road and decided to walk over to the Man Mo Temple.  When I first got to Hong Kong, this was on my radar of things to visit.

The Man Mo Temple is known for the huge incense coils that are hung and burned daily.  I love that temple incense scent.  It's a bit overwhelming when you walk into the complex, but it can definitely be smelled from blocks away.

When walking around Central and Sheung Wan, it's easy to find your way to this Temple.  Just follow the signs!

Come along with me and let's stroll through the temple together:

Pillar at the Entryway

Front of the temple

Pillar carving on the front facade

Lanterns and incense coils inside the temple

A woman retouching the paint on the front door

One of the alters
Fun Fact:  This temple was built for the worshipping of the literature god and martial god.  A lot of students and scholars are said to take trips here to pray for a prosperous academic year.

The carvings above one of the entryways

Engravings on the entryway

The infamous giant incense coils

Lanterns hung in the main temple space

An alter

The incense coils again!

Another alter

One of the statues within the main temple space

Another alter

Because of the incense burning throughout the day, the Man Mo Temple is quite misty with smoke.  It sort of adds the mood of reverence when walking around the temple.

Though there are a few Man Mo Temples around the City, Sheung Wan's Man Mo Temple seems to be the most popular (as Wikipedia states!)